The Charleston Hobie 20 fleet was started by a core group of experienced sailboat racers to have fun racing and sailing in Charleston and provide an entertaining avenue for youth sailors to enjoy exciting high performance racing. We're having as much fun as we've ever had racing sailboats.

Program Goals:

- Choose a boat we sail for fun- not just racing

- Double-Handed, One-Design, High performance Sailboat

Racing in Charleston, SC

- Mentorship & learning emphasis

- Build a class that EXCITES Charleston youth sailors, and one

they can afford to participate in at a high level

- Leverage existing Charleston racing knowledge to grow


- Introduce new racers to the sport

- Provide a platform for FUN where families & friends can enjoy

sailing together

- Competitive racing combined with sportsmanship and enjoyment of sailing

Tuning guides, line lengths, setup & tips

Hobie 20 playlist of fun in Charleston. These things are FUN!!

Charleston Fleet Boats:

1) Otto D. 2) Jacob / AJ 3) Nic B.

4) Keith M. 5) Jeff/ Ryan 6) Teddy/John

7) Greg/Tim 8) Thad A. 9) Dennis C.

Go Sailing

Welcome to the Charleston, SC Hobie 20 fleet! We're growing fast!

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2017 JIYC regatta photos

Annual schedule:

Thursday Evenings @ James Is. YC - open to all

April - Fort 2 Battery drag race
June JIYC regatta
July CHYC regatta
July CYC regatta
Sept/Oct Intergalactics @ JIYC

This fleet is about learning and fun. Join us!

Update: 9 local Hobie 20's sailing in Charleston with several more within a short drive.

Flying a hull for the first time!

Why the Hobie 20?

FUN!!! : We want to promote a boat that is fun to sail with your family, friends, and favorite racing buddies whether you have a big fleet, or are out seeing the harbor.  

Have you ever raced a sailboat that was fun while you were racing, but not what you really wanted to just go sailing for fun on when the breeze was up?

We wanted a boat that is as much fun to just sail as it is to race!

PLUS with all the current in Charleston, this also is a great boat which can minimize it's  impact since these travel much faster than a mono-hull.  It's 2013.  Our boats should go fast!

Simplicity & Learning:  "It doesn't have a spinnaker."  Excactly!  Less gear, less cost, less setup & tear down time = MORE SAILING.  Ideal crew weight for the 20 means you can sail it with your significant other, friend, or a couple of excited kids and be completely competitive!  

The advantage to a simpler boat is a lower barrier to entry.

More of your friends can start sailing with you and they don't have to be experts to get on board and be competitive.  High volume, long hulls also mean they're very stable, and easy for a novice to begin with and learn to gradually push the boat harder as they improve.  If you really like to push hard though, don't worry.  There's lots of adjustment and learning to be done on these boats to dial them in!

Did you see the America's Cup?  If you can match race a 72' catamaran, anything is possible.  You can see how fast Oracle TUSA was able to learn because of such dramatic speed differences.  Very tactical racing, and lots of fun just to go sailing! Plus even with these boats, once you have it down, you can tack these boats and be back up to speed QUICK!  

Value:  EXCELLENT boats are now available for $3-$4K as many sailors have moved to Spinnaker boats at 4X the cost.  The boats were built VERY well and a boat capable of winning nationals can be bought for the price of a Laser or a nice Opti.  For one design fun and speed, this boat can't be beaten.  The higher the cost of the boat, the fewer people who can afford to race, so we picked the 20 because it's an exciting one design for about the price of a used Laser, or old smelly keelboat.

One Design: It's hard to learn who has the right steering technique when you're racing a dump-truck with flat tires and your buddy has a hot rod.  How could one learn from the other!?  The 20 is a tight one design class which makes it unique among many catamaran classes.  It's easy to learn when you can duplicate and replicate other sailors' settings and talk about small differences that make for big boat-speed gains.

I need a boat!

We have a list of great Hobie 20's that are available and ready to come to Charleston, so Email Tim for some short cuts and help getting your boat here!